is a 15-year-old full service fuel dealer serving 2,500 members and customers in northwestern and central Vermont. The Co-op delivers heating oil, kerosene, and wood pellets and maintains, replaces and repairs a wide range of residential heating equipment.

Quality service and member savings are front and center for General Manager John Quinney, but the Co-op is also dedicated to a long term vision for their impact the planet. Quinney says, “We know that climate change is real and caused, in large part, by our use of fossil fuels. Our long term vision for the Co-op is to act in the best interest of our members and the planet by placing efficiency and renewables at the heart of our cooperative business.”  To do this, the Co-op encourages members to make their homes more energy efficient, completes about 100 energy audits a year, works with subcontractors to complete home energy upgrades and install dozens of super-efficient cold-climate heat pumps. Overall, says Quinney, “Our members have reduced their oil use by 18% over the past ten years. It’s a start.”

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