Task Force Co-Chairs: Diana Batzel and Nick Siefert

Task Force Description: This task force will work with partners to assist home owners, renters, businesses and community institutions in reducing energy use, using renewable energy, and fuel switching.

Task Force Update: 

Energy Improvements At Twinfield School: Twinfield School is a treasured community institution and has already made great progress in embracing energy efficiency and biomass heating. The task force and Efficiency Vermont are collaborating with the school to make additional improvements that reduce energy usage and expenses. The task force is also working with the school board to explore a solar project to further reduce carbon emissions and costs for the school district.

Modern Wood Heating Campaign: The task force has launched a campaign to promote modern wood heating. This campaign is particularly targeted to the 45% of area residents already heating with wood to encourage them to take advantages of incentives to replace older woodstoves, boilers, and furnaces with modern highly efficient equipment.  The task force has negotiated special deals for Marshfield and Plainfield residents interested in new wood heating equipment. A comprehensive list of the incentives available as part of this campaign can be seen by clicking here.

Home Energy Improvements and Weatherization – As a special component of the RAMP initiative, all residents of Marshfield and Plainfield are now eligible for a free home energy visit provided by the staff at Efficiency Vermont. An Efficiency Vermont energy consultant will come to your home and assess where your home is losing energy. The visit typically takes only about an hour and a half and at the end they will suggest improvements, so you can make informed decisions about what efficiency projects are right for you. Deadline to sign-up is April 30. Schedule your visit online here: https://efficiencyvermont.timetap.com/

On February 27, the Task Force and Efficiency Vermont are hosting an informative and exciting presentation on Smart Home Innovations and new technology for home energy savings. This is a two-part presentation including new smart home products (think connected devices), and Washington Electric Coop’s pilot program using hot water heaters as energy storage devices. This event is free, and Positive Pi pizza will be provided. One lucky attendee will also win a free smart thermostat (Ecobee) to take home.  Click here for a flyer for this event.

Electrifying Transportation Workshop March 14 – Come hear from those who own and drive/ride E-Bikes and electric cars and check some out for yourself.  2 – 4 PM Saturday, March 14 at Twinfield School. Test rides will be from 2 to 3 PM, and a panel discussion will take place from 3 to 4 PM. Both Green Mountain Power and Washington Electric Coop will participate and share information about incentives they offer, and Onion River Outdoors will (weather permitting) provide e-bike test rides.  Click here for a flyer for this event.

This task force will meet again on March 25 at 6:30 PM at the Old School House Commons in Marshfield.