Burlington-based Encore Renewable Energy is a leading integrated clean energy company specializing in commercial, industrial, and community-scale solar PV systems and 21st century solutions for underutilized property.

Encore’s projects showcase an innovative approach to alternative energy generation that build community partnership and collaboration, help to position key Vermont organizations, businesses and institutions as climate economy leaders, and have offset over 20,000 tons of carbon. As recent examples, Encore’s collaboration with Housing Vermont resulted in two separate community-scale net metered solar projects constructed on two parcels of land that had no higher or better use, allowing these properties to be returned to productive use. A unique public-private partnership between Encore, the Burlington Electric Department and the Burlington International Airport resulted in the installation of 1,830 solar panels on the rooftop of the Burlington Airport as part of an initiative to utilize City-owned spaces as sites for solar arrays.  Finally, Encore has been working with the City of South Burlington to deliver a 2MW net metered solar array on the City’s closed and capped landfill, allowing the City to realize thousands of dollars per year in electrical savings over the life of the project and turning an otherwise undevelopable piece of open land into a revenue generating clean energy asset.

Our philosophy is to create harmony between the natural and built environment that fosters sustainable economic growth, environmental awareness and community benefit,” says President and Founder Chad Farrell. “Developing and constructing commercial scale solar PV projects on undervalued and otherwise unusable land, including landfills, brownfields and rooftops, are cornerstones of Encore Renewable Energy.

To learn more about Encore Renewable Energy and their recent projects visit: http://encorerenewableenergy.com/