Many mobile home residents in Vermont are faced with a significant challenge; while their incomes are often low, their energy costs are high. Since 2013, Efficiency Vermont and the VT Housing and Conservation Board have teamed up on a Mobile Home Replacement Program to address this challenge and eliminate the energy, health, and maintenance burdens that mobile homes place on low-income Vermonters.

The aim of the replacement program is to increase access to zero-energy modular homes that are reasonably affordable. An Efficiency Vermont Homeownership Advisor works with interested buyers from start to finish to help determine eligibility for incentives to cover the cost of removing an old mobile home, apply for low-interest financing options with no down payment, select a design, and draw up a contract with the builder. With no monthly fuel bills, the intent is to work with potential homeowners to make the upfront investment possible in a home that will pay off over time.

One Vermont company, Wilder-based VERMOD Homes is building these zero-energy modular homes right here in Vermont. VERMOD homes utilize solar electricity, state of the art insulation, cold-climate heat pumps, and efficient fixtures and appliances to eliminate energy costs, meet the highest standard of indoor air quality, and hold the home’s value over time. Since founder Steve Davis delivered the first zero-energy VERMOD in 2013, 32 units have been sold throughout Vermont and production is increasing.

Brian Pine, a Finance Consultant with Efficiency Vermont says, “Steve Davis has created a company that is the epitome of Vermont’s climate economy innovation. He employs about 15 people in the production and sale of a zero-energy modular home that serves all Vermonters. VERMOD provides a truly affordable, durable and sustainable option for low-income home-buyers.

Find out more about VERMOD Homes by calling 295-0042 and visiting their website at To learn more about the Mobile Home Replacement Program, call Phoebe Howe at Efficiency Vermont at 540-7855 or email [email protected].