Read the Report: Advancing Vermont's Creative EconomyThe creative economy is critical to the future competitiveness of Vermont in the global marketplace. Vermont’s heritage, arts and culture are integral strengths. They are an economic sector in Vermont today; they also provide a foundation to the sense of place and creative workforce critical to innovation in other sectors, add value to the Vermont brand, and magnify the attractive power of Vermont as a location to do business. The creative economy is a hidden economic driver; one that deserves understanding, recognition, and investment.

The Vermont Council on culture and Innovation (VCCI) was convened in May 2003 by the Vermont Council on Rural Development. VCCI’s charge was to evaluate the role of and challenges to the creative economy in the state and to build a practical and strategic plan for its advancement. This Action Plan is the product of that work.

This report makes specific recommendations for how to grow the State’s creative economy as a vital and complementary part of the state’s economy as a whole. These recommendations encourage collaboration among Vermont’s private sector, cultural organizations, and local, state, and federal government to use Vermont’s cultural resources to spark and leverage community and economic development. It documents seventeen recommendations in the four areas listed in the report that the Governor’s administration, Legislature, and public and private partners are encouraged to undertake to expand innovation, enhance community life, attract and encourage entrepreneurs, build Vermont’s market identity, and stimulate job growth.

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