All members of the Concord community are encouraged to attend the final phase of their Community Visit process, Let’s Grow Concord, on Wednesday, September 14 to help set action plans to move their three identified priorities forward.

On August 8, members of the community came together and identified three priorities to be developed into a task force. The three task forces will work to:

  • Attract Businesses and Industry to Concord
  • Bring a Store Back to the Community
  • Clean Up and Improve Miles Pond Beach

After identifying these priorities in August, community members began signing up for task forces to work together to move each item forward. Community members are continuing to sign up for a task force online at Those who haven’t signed up for a task force are encouraged to do so in advance of September 14 or can join the meeting to learn more and get involved.

At the final phase of the Community Visit process on September 14, the new task forces will meet to frame action plans and work with a resource team of federal, state, business, and nonprofit leaders to identify next steps towards success.

“There is tremendous energy in Concord, and the meeting on September 14 is an important step to translate that energy into task forces with clear plans for action,” said VCRD Executive Director Brian Lowe. “The meeting will also be an opportunity to connect local, regional, state, federal, and philanthropic partners who can provide assistance or funding to the community task forces focused on attracting business and industry, bringing a store back to the community, and cleaning up & improving Miles Pond Beach.”

Let’s Grow Concord is funded with support from the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Northern Borders Regional Commission, the Vermont Community Foundation, and VCRD members and donors.

For more information, visit contact VCRD at 802-223-6091 or [email protected].