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Curriculum - Strengthening Leadership and Building Connections

Strong leaders rarely work alone - they understand and unleash the power of connection. Participants will build new connections within the cohort and with potential partners and will learn to strengthen connections with home communities and stakeholders. Click here for a handout about the program (pdf)

Four in-person sessions make up the core of this program:

Session 1 - Feb. 13
Build connection and cohesion within the cohort through one-on-one, small group, and full group exercises.  Over dinner host a group discussion with 3 successful leaders invited to share their story and personal reflections.

Session 2 - April 9
Build deeper cohesion within the cohort and welcome, connect with, and learn from key partners.

Session 3 - June 4
Build communication skills and strategies by working together on effective techniques and connecting with communications experts.

Session 4 - Sept. 17
This session will focus on effectively leading a group and engaging stakeholders and community members. Participants will be asked to bring along a community partner.

Sample Session 1 Schedule:
5:00 – Welcome, introductions and orientation
5:30 – Full group exercise – reflections on leadership
6:00 – Dinner and panel discussion featuring 3 successful local leaders sharing their story
7:00 – 3 x Partner exercises - elevator pitches
8:00 – Small group exercise – action planning
8:30 – Full group reflections and wrap-up

Between sessions there will be regular one-on-one consultations (with VCRD staff and with cohort partners) and full group zoom meetings. There also will be short assignments to prepare for each session. Much of this work including exercises, consultations and assignments will be focused on planning and implemention of participant projects.