The Vermont Climate Economy Action Team (CEAT), the leadership team of the VT Climate Economy Partnership, is dedicated to advancing initiatives to expand distributed energy generation and efficiency in Vermont, cultivate climate economy entrepreneurs and startup businesses, and reduce Vermont’s carbon impact while boosting economic development, creating jobs, and attracting youth and creative entrepreneurs to the state. Members of the team represent the over 470 participants in the Vermont Climate Economy Partnership dedicated to building a vital future for Vermont through innovation in energy development, the wise use and reuse of resources, efficiencies, smart growth, and a strong working lands economy.

Read CEAT’s 2020 Action Priorities and its Vision Statement for Vermont’s Economic Renewal.

Members of the Team include:

  • Joe Fusco, Casella Waste Solutions (Chair)
  • Ludy Biddle, Neighborworks of Western Vermont
  • Olivia Campbell Andersen, Renewable Energy Vermont
  • Catherine Dimitruk, Northwest Regional Planning Commission
  • Jared Duval, Energy Action Network
  • Chad Farrell, Encore Renewable Energy
  • Laurie Fielder, VSECU
  • Judy Geer, Craftsbury Outdoor Center
  • Claire Humber, SE Group
  • Kerrick Johnson, VELCO
  • Ellen Kahler, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund
  • Neale Lunderville, Independent Consultant
  • Linda McGinnis, Independent Consultant and Energy Action Network Fellow
  • Sue Minter, Capstone Community Action
  • Mary Peterson, Esquire
  • Dan Reilly, Efficiency VT
  • Brian Shupe, VNRC
  • David Snedeker, Northern Vermont Development Association
  • Ross Sneyd, National Life Group
  • Darren Springer, Burlington Electric Department
  • Abby White, Vermont Land Trust
  • Larry Williams, Redstone
  • Alex Wilson, BuildingGreen