Jane KearnsThe Vermont State Colleges is an e-Vermont partner providing introductory Internet trainings across the state as well as online webinars.

Jane Kearns is an instructor who presented several workshops in Bristol, one of the e-Vermont communities, in February, 2011. Despite the winter weather she helped one family discover Google tools.

“Two sisters from the area were really receptive to the Free Things on the Internet workshop and were interested in the resources I showed them,” she recalls. “They hoped to use Google sites to help their local employer set up a website. The cold snowy February night was too much for their 85-year-old Grandmother to venture out with them though she wanted to; the sisters assured me that they would be sharing the free stuff and health resources with their newly internet-surfing Grandmother.”

The information shared in many of the workshops can also be found online through the e-Vermont’s toolkits and webinar archive. Combining in person assistance with online tools means that even when Vermonters can’t get to a workshop, the content of the workshop can still get to them.