Danielle Bombardier, has found an opportunity for employment and growth in the expansion of renewable energy projects in Vermont. Originally drawn to the work by the potential for advancement, training, and access to benefits for her family, she is now excited about the chance to put her skills to use into the clean energy sector. As an electrician with Sherwin Electric in Essex, Danielle has designed and installed many residential solar projects including off-grid and battery back-up systems, and was part of a team working with the Department of Energy and Sandia National Laboratories to create a solar panel testing site in Williston.

As more Vermont companies and residents invest in local clean energy and efficiency solutions, local skilled electricians are needed to make these projects a success. IBEW Local 300, a labor union that services over 1,200 working Vermonters, contracts with businesses that employ Vermont electricians to install many energy saving technologies and green energy solution including lighting upgrades, automation, Tesla Powerwalls, car charging station, solar, wind, hydro, and more.

This job is more than a job,” Danielle says, “it’s an opportunity to grow with the economy and develop the skills and knowledge to move our country toward more efficient, cleaner energy.