Heidi M. Nikolaidis, of the Bethel Historical Society, received help from Rob Fish on the society’s Facebook Page. Here’s what she learned:

A few weeks ago we first heard about the grant from the Vermont Digital Economy Project.

Bethel Historical Society's Facebook FeedWe filled out the online survey for non-profits, on behalf of the Bethel Historical Society.  Rob Fish contacted us and offered to meet with us to see what our needs were and how to meet them.

In our discussions Rob noted that he had seen our website and Facebook page and both were fairly good but he suggested that they could use a little improvement. Perhaps one way to do that would be to add pictures.

The timing was excellent. Our Spring Art Show was in progress at the time and I had taken some pictures.  I uploaded a few to the Bethel Historical Society Facebook page, showing some of the art works on display.

To our surprise, one of the pictures got over 50 views in a short time. To date it has been seen 112 times.

Many of the others have had about 50 views. Still not bad, considering that many of these pictures would never have been seen by anyone, besides the lucky visitors to our show.

The one with most hits has now been seen 143 times.

However, the one which surprised us the most was the picture showing our brand new sign in front of the Bethel Town Hall.

Photo: The brand new sign in front of the Bethel Town Hall. Many thanks to George Burnham for doing a SUPER job!

It was installed over the weekend of May 25-26.  The picture of the sign was posted some time in the afternoon on Sunday, May 26th.

It has been seen by 425 Facebook viewers!

33 organic and 410 viral

And to show just how important a picture can be to make a post more interesting and to get more viewers. The information for our next meeting on Monday, June 3rd was posted both with and without a picture on Wednesday, May 29th. Two days later the post without the picture has received 29 views.

The one with the picture: 81 views. 21 organic and 60 viral.

So, you can see that it’s also important for folks to SHARE the posts in order to make them more popular. But there is no doubt that pictures will help make a post more interesting to the viewers.

Many thanks to Rob Fish for bringing this to our attention.