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As seen in the Vermont Business Magazine:

As the state finalizes its budget for next year, the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD) releases its summary of feedback from thousands of Vermonters who weighed in with their ideas of what we need to do in the next few years in order to have a prosperous and sustainable Vermont over the next 30. The non-partisan VCRD, a cornerstone group in COVID recovery efforts, recognized that in this pivotal moment of the state’s history Vermonters need comprehensive, broad-based, and long-range goals to unite behind.

The Vermont Proposition (available here) reflects what is on Vermonters’ minds today and their determination to make the state stronger, healthier, more welcoming and equitable far into the future.

As VCRD Executive Director Paul Costello explains “It is a framework for conversation, not a manifesto.”

The Vermont Proposition is being released in advance of the May 26-27 virtual Summit on the Future of Vermont. This may be one of the largest, most diverse conversations to ever look at all aspects of Vermont’s Future. Over 100 leaders in their fields will present their perspectives on the nine key elements of the Proposition. This will lay the groundwork for in-depth discussions by participants from across the state.

Complete agenda and speaker list here. Over 490 people are already registered.

For more information about the Future of Vermont Initiative visit: