As the weather warms and our economy begins to re-open, communities are quickly figuring out how to best use sidewalks, parking spots, streets, and parks to enable outdoor dining and shopping. They also are considering how to provide space for those travelling on foot or by bicycle. The Local Support and Community Action Team of the Governor’s Economic Mitigation and Recovery Task Force recently hosted an online workshop –  Streets for Success – about reconfiguring outdoor spaces in Vermont towns for safe dining, shopping, biking and walking.

Presenters included:

  • Joe Segale, Agency of Transportation
  • Ed Bove, Rutland Regional Planning Commission
  • Kelly Stoddard-Poor, AARP – Vermont
  • Stephanie Bonin, Downtown Brattleboro Alliance
  • Brad Docheff, Town of Fairfax

This event was co-hosted by Vermont Council on Rural Development, the VT Department of Housing and Community Development, AARP – Vermont, and Local Motion.

You can view a recording of this workshop here, or read the chat from the workshop here which includes some questions, answers, and links to other resources.

Click here for Kelly Stoddard-Poor’s slide presentations from the workshop.



Additional resources you may find helpful:

  • Guidance for Restaurant and Retail Use of Right of Way – ACCD and VTrans just completed guidance to help ensure restaurants and retail businesses use streets safely.
  • Better Places COVID – Included in Phase II of the Governor’s Package, this innovative program will help cities and towns find new ways to use streets, parking areas, and public spaces in downtowns and villages to help rebuild the economy and revive community life.
  • Streets for Success Resource List – This includes many resource links along with points of contact who can provide support to towns looking to maximize use of their public spaces this summer.

As you develop creative uses for streets, sidewalks, parking lots and parks in your community, share pictures and best practices with us. Send us an e-mail at [email protected].