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Here’s the transcript:

RANDOLPH, Vt. — Hundreds of leaders from across Vermont descended on Randolph on Monday for the 2nd annual Vermont Community Leadership Summit.

The summit was put on by the Vermont Council on Rural Development.

“There are people put themselves on the line for their communities and they’re looking to build skills,” said executive director Paul Costello.

Organizers said 500 people from over 140 different communities were at the summit, which featured conversations about supporting and recruiting leaders, workshops and case studies.

“Being here today, you’re leading and I applaud you for doing this. You make me proud to be a Vermonter knowing that you’re going to be the leaders in our state,” said Sen. Patrick Leahy.

The council honored Gus Seelig with a Lifetime Achievement Award and Emily McClure with the Community Leadership Award.

“I mean you think about the loss of youth and the challenges to economic development in Vermont, especially the rural communities, this is the foundation of success is towns that come together, set direction, line up get to work. Towns that don’t feel very flat,” Costello said.

Costello said they will provide a guide to help local leadership.

“We go back to our communities and we get to work,” he said.