Thanks to Orca Media for filming the Summit sessions that took place in Judd Hall and making the video available online. The day is broken out into 4 videos:

Part 1 ~ Introductions and welcoming remarks by: Paul Costello, Phil Conroy, Chuck Ross, and Governor Peter Shumlin. Vermont Farm and Forest Entrepreneur panel: Moderator: Anson Tebbetts. Panelists: Andrew Meyer, Bill Suhr, Emma Marvin, Carina Driscoll, Colleen Goodridge, Paul Harwood, Charles Shackelton, Amanda St. Pierre, Dwight Sargent, Jeremy Stevenson, and Chris Brooks.

Part 2 ~ Breakout session: Growing Enterprises and Overcoming Regulatory Barriers. Moderator: Chuck Ross, Panelists: Richard Carbonetti, Laurie Ristino, Jon Slason, Colleen Goodridge.

Part 3 ~ Breakout session: Tourism in Vermont’s Working Landscape. Moderator: David Donath. Panelists: Megan Smith, Megan Camp, Bill Stritzler, Tim Tierney.

Part 4 ~ Panel conclusions/moderator reports: Charlie Browne, Chuck Ross, Vicky Drew, Bill Schubart, Michael Snyder, Darby Bradley, Gaye Symington, Jolinda LaClair, Ellen Kahler, Collin Miller, Ted Brady, Sharon Combes-Farr, Paul Ralston, David Donath. Working Lands Coalition Panel: David Donath, Sarah Waring, Putnam Blodgett, Adam Necrason, David Donath, Kathleen Wanner, Enid Wonnacott (singing), Tim Buskey, Gil Livingston, Ellen Kahler, Charlie Baker, Jane Clifford, Brian Shupe, Megan Camp. Conclusions and Action. Where are we in history – the Vermont story: Chris Graff. Community Leadership Award Presentation to Orly Munzing: Bob Ackland, Chuck Ross. Last word: Speaker Shap Smith.