The NEK Today and Tomorrow Summit was designed by the Northeast Vermont Development Association and Vermont Council on Rural Development to build action to advance the health and prosperity of NEK communities while maintaining their character and protecting the working landscape that surrounds them. With the positive economic growth in the northern tier of the NEK, residents of the Kingdom want to be sure to optimize the benefits to communities, strengthen downtowns and village centers, support the character of the NEK, and enhance the region’s farm and forested landscape. The NEK Today and Tomorrow Summit on June 15, 2013 brought residents together to think about key issues connected to the future of the economy, land, and towns of the Kingdom, contribute ideas for local and regional planning efforts, and consider actions that can be taken to advance local communities. This report documents Summit work group deliberations and action priorities and identifies next steps to address issues for the NEK Today and Tomorrow project.

Read the Report and read an update that outlines some of the next steps in the NEK project.