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Rob has over fifteen years of community outreach experience with various community development and advocacy projects in Maine, Vermont, and Ghana.


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Organizational Assessment of Digital Tools
Click Here to Download a PDF Version of This Assessment Use this assessment to help you to think about what tools you are using, how you are using them, and what you could do to make your usage more effective or efficient. This assessment may also... read more
6 Steps to Evaluate and Optimize Your Organization's Use of Digital Tools
Click Here to Download a PDF Version of This Guide Digital tools have the potential to revolutionize the operation of any organization, while at the same time befuddling even the most tech-savvy people. As the Nonprofit Adviser for the Vermont... read more
How Organizations Can Use Online Tools To Collaborate
Almost all of the digital tools that we have discussed in previous articles have focused on how to reach to reach a wider audience. But it is also important to consider two-way communication methods, so that people collaborating on a project, or... read more
Connected Nonprofits
This article was written by Kate Jellema, Marlboro College Graduate & Professional Studies, who facilitated a discussion at our Vermont Connected Summit on how nonprofits can keep pace with technology. The good news: 55% of people who engage... read more
6 Steps to Evaluate and Optimize Your Nonprofit's Use of Digital Tools
Digital tools have the potential to revolutionize the operation of any organization, while at the same time befuddling even the most tech-savvy people. As the Nonprofit Adviser for the Vermont Digital Economy Project, I have had the pleasure of... read more
Does Your Nonprofit Need a CRM to Manage Its Contacts?
As an organization grows, sometimes using excel spreadsheets to keep track of donors, volunteers, and other contacts is not enough, and more powerful and complex tools for managing contacts become both necessary and convenient. These types of tools... read more
Google Ad Grants: Free Advertising For Nonprofits
One free tool that we have discussed before that can be very helpful for a nonprofit, no matter what its size, is Google for Nonprofits. In previous articles we’ve written about how nonprofits enrolled in the program can have free email using a... read more
How Nonprofits Can Use Video
By connecting compelling visuals to a story, a good video can inspire, inform, agitate, or promote an organization or cause. Just a few years ago, creating an inspiring video was out of reach for most small nonprofits, but advances in technology and... read more
How Can Your Social Media Presence Help Or Hurt You In a Job Search?
Earlier this month, the Vermont Digital Economy Project organized a training for the Adult Outreach team at the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC). VSAC provides services to all adult Vermonters through the Educational Opportunity Center... read more
How a Community Garden Went From Online to On-the-Ground
Small organizations are at the heart of most communities, and they are often born directly in response to a community’s need. This relationship only deepens once these organizations are established. They depend on their community to help raise... read more
Vermont Digital Economy Project Measurable Outcomes
Our grant has made many great / positive impacts in the communities and organizations we serve. We have told many of these stories of this impact in our e-newsletter. Now, I am asking for help from all of you to also document these stories in a... read more
What the End of Support for Windows XP Means for an Organization
After twelve years of support and plenty of advanced notice, on April 8th of this year, Microsoft officially ended its service support for the Windows XP operating system. As a result, organizations that continue to use XP will be increasingly... read more
Registration Form: VT Food Shelf Disaster Prepardness Workshop
Please fill out the following registration form to confirm your attendence at the Thursday, June 5 VT Food Shelf Disaster Prepardness Workshop. This information will act as guide for the facilitators of the workshop.
Feeding More Vermonters Through Online Coordination
Vermont fruit and vegetable farmers produce hundreds of tons of edible, farm-fresh food, but often, not all of their production is sold. These leftover products are sometimes wasted, but through gleaning, they can be put to good use. Marcella... read more
How An Online Game Helps Students Learn about Lake Champlain
Games have always been a great tool for teachers to engage students and make learning fun. For example, they have been used effectively to help students understand such diverse topics as historical events and environmental issues. I fondly remember... read more
Scheduling Posts: A Time Management Tip for Using Facebook
“There’s only so much time in a day!” That’s a common response from my nonprofit clients when I advise them that their community organization should be posting on Facebook 3 to 5 times every week. And, to be honest, many of them are ready to... read more
How to Reach Your Facebook Fans
Many organizations assume that when they post something to their organization’s Facebook page, everyone who has liked the page will see it. This is not the case. Just as your Facebook friends don’t see everything you post, neither do the fans of... read more
Social Media or Wordpress Expert? Civic Hacker? Local Organizations Need Your Help
The Vermont Digital Economy Project, a project of the Vermont Council on Rural Development is on the look out for a techies in southern Vermont willing to donate some time to help local nonprofits become more tech savvy. Vermont's 2011 floods... read more
How One Library Is Building a Usable and Inclusive New Website
  Amy Grasmick, director of the Kimball Public Library, uses card-sorting to help create the navigation for the library’s new website. There is a term that developers refer to when building websites called usability. The basic premise involves... read more
How We Can Help Farmers, at NOFA and Beyond
Digital tools have become essential to farmers. From Amanda Andrews at Tamarack Hollow Farm, who used to raising the necessary funds to move her farm off of a flood plain and is using Instagram to promote the farm, to Eric... read more
What An Online Presence Can Do To Help Food Shelves Reach Vermonters In Need
The Woodstock Community Food Shelf board of directors: back row, left to right: Sally Gottlieb, Joan Williamson, Norm Youknot and Laura Kent; front row: Cassie Horner, Sheila Murray and Bev Regan. Food shelves provide support for a community and... read more
Nonprofits Use Mobile Credit Card App to Boost Donations
Director Georgia Brehm and Assistant Director Linda Tucker from the Black River Academy Museum use Square and a tablet to take mobile donations. As fewer people carry cash or even use check books, many nonprofits are scrambling to find new ways to... read more
Nonprofits in the White River Valley Get Website Upgrades
Juli Reiderer, Park House Exectutive Director, looks at her organization's new website An empowered organization is a successful organization. For a nonprofit to be successful, it must have control over its message. For most organizations, a... read more
Use Your Facebook Page to Solicit Donations and Subscriptions Online
Here at the Vermont Council on Rural Development, we are in the process of asking for donations to fund our great ongoing work, including support for programs like our Community Visits Program and our Working Landscape Initiative. As we looked at... read more
Like the Food Shelf on Facebook
For The Woodstock Community Food Shelf  Remember back when Irene was imminent and you were wondering how long power and phone would stay connected? Somewhere in the midst of the storm, we here in Woodstock, and in Bridgewater and Reading, were cut... read more
Art + Kids + Critters + Contests = Social Media Success
When discussing social media with nonprofits, the number one question I am asked is: “How can I get more people to like my organization’s Facebook Page?” There are a few basic first steps, including inviting your friends, using the build audience... read more
Bethel Emergency Management Volunteers Leverage Neighbors and Technology
A goal of our grant is to assist towns, business and nonprofits in using technology to be more prepared in the case of another disaster. This effort includes encouraging communities to learn to communicate with their residents through social media... read more
How and Why the Tech Community is Giving Back to Vermont Nonprofits
Social Media Surgeon and volunteer Alison Emerson helps John Atwood of the Bridgewater Historical Society at the Woodstock Social Media Surgery Vermont’s 2011 floods demonstrated the potential for digital tools to support community resilience and... read more
With iPads and GIS, High School Students Map Needed Roadwork in Sharon
Paul Haskell, Chair of the Sharon Selectboard was a part of a group discussion on how to use digital mapping and crowd-sourcing tools to solve community problems convened by the Vermont Digital Economy Project. Stay tuned for additional stories of... read more
Local Nonprofits Encouraged to Use More Online Tools to Build Stronger Organization
For Immediate Release Press Contact: Rob Fish, Nonprofit Adviser, Vermont Digital Economy Project (802) 488-5143 or LOCAL NONPROFITS ENCOURAGED TO USE MORE ONLINE TOOLS TO BUILD STRONGER ORGANIZATIONSVermont Digital Economy Project... read more
Helping to Improve the Visibility of Food Shelves in Vermont
Vermont’s strength is a direct result of the strength of the community organizations that step up in time of need, or provide ongoing assistance to members of the community in need. While these organizations are often small and cover only a few... read more
Does your Nonprofit Need Social Media Surgery?
Is your organization in need of a social media makeover? Nonprofit Advisor and Social Media “Surgeon” Rob Fish discussed social media strategy with “patient” Jahnine Spaulding, Outreach Coordinator of Vermont Operation: Military Kids (VT OMK) at a... read more
How a Woodstock Nonprofit Saved $1300 a Year Thanks to Digital Tools
The Ottauquechee Community Partnership (OCPVT) is a locally funded non-profit organization with a focus on connecting young people to the community, bringing community resources to schools and building positive relationships through youth-adult... read more
Woodstock Area Nonprofits Join Together
At the Vermont Digital Economy Project, we know that a connected community is a resilient community. While we’ve been focusing on using digital tools to build networks within a community, it’s just as important for local nonprofits to recognize the... read more
Tech Community Helps Build Three Nonprofit Websites
Can a new rural rescue squad website promote public safety? How much more effective could a jobs bank be if the task of posting jobs were cut in half? How many additional people would a food shelf serve if they had a web presence? Thanks to the... read more
Maintaining the Past into the Future: Helping Historical Societies
Members of the Bethel Historical Society I remember as a young boy growing up and being fascinated by the local history of my home town. I wanted to understand how and why certain things came to be the way they are now. Why were there abandoned... read more
Building Resilience Through Radio at Royalton Community Radio
After a week and a half of meetings with over twenty nonprofits ranging from historical societies to downtown revitalization organizations, churches, rotary clubs, human services, agriculture education, and arts and disaster preparedness groups, I... read more
The Effective Use of Internet Tools During Disasters
Our hearts go out to everyone who was injured or affected in the unthinkable attack on the Boston Marathon last week. Each of us here at the Digital Economy Project had friends or loved ones at the Marathon or in Boston. While shocked and... read more
Citizenville: how new technologies can empower local governments
Over the next 18 months, VCRD’s Digital Economy Project will be working to help Vermont communities, businesses and nonprofits become more resilient to natural and manmade disasters. The project will also explore ways to systematically use... read more