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VT Climate Economy Summit: IDEAS TO ACTION ~ Feb 22, 2016

The Vermont Climate Economy Summit IDEAS TO ACTION, held February 22, 2016 at the Vermont Technical College in Randolph, brought together over 400 participants - innovative business, non‐profit, and community leaders, elected officials, public policy advocates, students, and residents - to help define and advance strategies that reduce carbon emissions while stimulating economic development opportunties. The Summit focus was on how the emerging opportunities will allow us to build a national reputation, create jobs, and attract young people to our rural communities.

Participants reviewed "Progress for Vermont" - the Vermont Climate Change Economy Council (VCCEC) Action Plan - and considered strategies for implementation and the partnerships that will be needed to move them forward. The Summit also served as a founding point for the Vermont Climate Economy Partnership uniting partners and friends working to advance Vermont's Climate Economy. Here are links sharing the day:

Summit Report
Summit Program