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VCRD In Action - Programs and Initiatives Through 2015

In addition to work in communities through Community Visits, Creative Communities, the Digital Economy Project, e-Vermont, and Broadband Facilitation (shown on map) VCRD also brings people together to address issues of fundamental importance to Vermonters through Summits, Policy Councils, and Other Program Initiatives:

Summits & Conferences:

Vermont Climate Economy Summit: Ideas to Action, 2016
Summit on Creating Prosperity & Opportunity Confronting Climate Change, 2015
Envisioning the Future of Vermont’s Digital Economy, 2014
Summit on the Future of VT’s Working Landscape, 2013
Governor’s Retreat on Efficiency, 2013
Grafton Conference of Vermont’s Forest Products Industry, 2013
National Rural Policy Roundtable, 2013
Governor’s Workshop on Education, 2012
Vermont’s Digital Future Conference, 2012
Governor’s Summit on Green Innovation, 2011
Vermont’s Working Landscape Summit, 2010
Regions Connecting for Rural Innovation, a Northeastern U.S. Rural Policy Convening, 2010
Summit on the Future of Vermont, 2009
Advancing Creativity and Innovation in Rural America (a National Conference for the Partners for Rural America), 2008
Advancing Vermont’s Creative Economy, 2007
Local Power: Energy & Economic Development in Rural Vermont, 2006
Beyond the Divide: Conflict and Paths to Community Success, 2005
The Structure of Planning in Vermont, 2004
Vermont Rural Roundtable, 2003
Rural Economic Development, 2002
Rural Summit on Housing, 2001
The First Governor’s Rural Summit, 1999


Vermont Climate Change Economy Council, 2015
Vermont Working Landscape Council, 2011-12
Council on the Future of Vermont, 2007-09
Vermont Rural Energy Council, 2006-07
Vermont Council on Planning, 2004-05
Vermont Council on Culture and Innovation, 2003-04
Vermont Agriculture Viability Council, 2002-03
Vermont Forest Products Council, 2001-03
Vermont Broadband Working Group, 2000-05


Vermont Climate Change Economy Initiative, 2015
Vermont Higher Education Food Systems Consortium, 2013-present
Vermont Digital Economy Project, 2013-14
Vermont Working Landscape Partnership, 2010-present
e-Vermont: The Community Broadband Project, 2010-12
Vermont Forest Products Marketing Initiative, 2007