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Take a Tour of Working Lands

1. Start your tour of Vermont's rural renaissance with this video of a few of the 2013 Working Lands Enterprise Fund grant awardees sharing their stories and vision.

And update from February 2016: see how WLEB has helped working lands businesses get to their next level in this 6 minute video: 

The Working Lands Enterprise Fund:

  • Creates JOBS in Working Lands Enterprises
  • Keeps YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS in Vermont
  • Builds NEW MARKETS for value-added products
  • Increases CAPACITY for in-state production
  • Leverages MORE INVESTMENT for growing enterprises

2. Then click the map for a list of all the Working Lands Enterprise Fund awardees:

Map showing the locations of the 2013 WLEB grant recipients

3. And then get up close and personal by checking out this photo gallery of 13 of the WLEB recipients -- from meat packing in Springfield to cranberry bogs in Fletcher, from the wood pellet plant in central Vermont to an incubator space for furniture makers in Fairfax -- the images of this diverse group of entrepreneurs were grabbed in the short period of time between chores, meetings, and tasks. Their enthusiasm and commitment to innovation on Vermont working lands is so exciting to see!

Click this link to view the gallery:

Mary Claire Carroll is owner of Carroll Photos, a Richmond portrait and commercial photography business. Carroll Photos’ mission is to use the transformative power of photography to tell stories that inspire, enlighten, and encourage understanding.