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Vermont wood products industry releases '2020 Vision' report

2012-01-30, 1/30/2012 ~ The Vermont Wood Products Marketing Council has released a new ten year strategic plan entitled, “A 2020 Vision for the Vermont Wood Products Sector,” prepared by industry expert and International Consultant, Tom Dossenbach, from Dossenbach Associates, Inc. of North Carolina. A similar strategic plan was adopted in 2001 and stimulated many successful projects during the last ten years. As our world changes, it was time to revisit the old plan and develop a new strategic outlook for the coming ten years. Click HERE to read the plan.

The Vermont Wood Products Marketing Council consists of representatives from the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers, Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association, Vermont WoodNet, Vermont Woodlands Association, Vermont Department of Economic, Housing and Community Development, Vermont Department of Forest, Parks & Recreation, and three outside directors.

This comprehensive plan identifies eight major goals with 37 action steps for continuous improvement through positive change. The strategies are designed to help all sector stakeholders, from foresters to the finished wood products producers, become more effective and prosperous in the future.

The Council, the State of Vermont, Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) and the Agency of Natural Resources, Division of Forests, Parks and Recreation have partnered to begin implementing the project. The ACCD is providing a staff member, Alex Ibey, to act as executive director of the Council. Ibey, an economic development specialist, has been chosen to lead the implementation phase of the project as the Council’s executive director. “Our wood products companies have the skills, knowledge, quality craftsmanship and products to compete in a very competitive world market,” said Ibey. “This ten year strategic plan gives us a road map for continuous improvement across the entire Vermont supply chain.”

The Vermont Wood Products sector is a successful, $1.83 billion industry that is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. The Council and its partners are united and eager to begin working on implementing the newly adopted strategic plan. “Growth and prosperity for the sector is dependent on the ability to achieve the goals stated in the ten year strategic plan,” Ibey said. “Wood Products is a legacy sector of Vermont’s economy and it’s time to let the rest of the world know that we produce the highest quality wood products in the industry.”