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Working Lands Coalition 5x3 campaign launch in the press


Here are a few recent articles about the launch of the Coalitions 5x3 campaign requesting $5M for each of the next three years:

Big rush for 'Working Lands' cash, Brattleboro Reformer
State officials knew there was a demand for more cash to support Vermont's agricultural and forestry businesses. But most did not expect that, in its first year, the Working Lands Enterprise Fund would be bombarded with applications totaling 12 times the amount of funding available. ...

Farm, forest advocates lobby for more state money, Danbury News Times
Peter Shumlin proposed last month calls for $1.5 million for the Working Lands Enterprise Fund in fiscal 2014. The group says Vermont needs to step up its ...

farm, forest advocates lobby for more state money, WCAX
... coalition to expand Vermont's working landscape are asking for expanded funding. ... fund and a Working Lands Enterprise Board to oversee those funds.

Working landscape groups look for $15 million boost over three years,
... “We need to recognize the central importance of working landscape enterprises to the Vermont economy and invest in them accordingly,” Conqust said. “This is one of those rare areas of state budget where not only are we supporting our values, but we can expect an economic return from that support.”