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House Agriculture Committee just says ‘yes’ to working lands bill


MONTPELIER– Remember that “working lands” bill we wrote about a while back?

Since then the House and Senate Agriculture committees have taken weeks of testimony on legislation that would create a board that would give out grants and loans, help provide technical support and help build up infrastructure for the farming and forest products industries.

On Thursday morning the House Agriculture Committee gave it’s unanimous support to the working lands bill that is designed to boost jobs in forestry and farming industries and protect Vermont’s pastures and forest lands.

The vote was 11-0.

The crucial question remains: Will the Legislature set aside money for the program?

“That is the big question, and all I can say is that I know there’s a good effort being made to find money to be appropriated to invest in this area,” said Amy Shollenberger, a lobbyist working on the bill.

The working lands bill House Ag approved includes an “ask” of $2.2 million, but the House Appropriations Committee still has to weigh in.

Read the article on the Vermont Press Bureau website.