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Working Lands Coalition

The Working Lands Coalition members have joined together to support farm, forest and value‐added development for the future by systematically encouraging significant additional public investment in the Working Lands Enterprise Fund (WLEF). The Coalition represents the Vermont Working Landscape Partnership made up of nearly 1000 individuals and  organizations who together supported legislation to build the Working Lands Enterprise Board (WLEB) structure and its appropriation. The Coalition formalizes a leadership structure for the Partnership and unites leading organizations for the promotional work ahead.

2019 Vermont Working Lands Coalition Platform

Members of the Vermont Working Lands Coalition are united in support of the farm, forest, and value-adding businesses that are at the foundation of the working landscape that benefits all Vermonters.

This year the Working Landscape Coalition stands together in committed support for investment through the Working Lands Enterprise Fund. It will work together to encourage legislators to prioritize funding for WLEF in the FY 2020 State Budget.

WLEF funds are crucial leveraged investments for the renaissance of Vermont’s working lands economy. In addition to promoting the WLEF budget, the Coalition will share its success stories, encourage applications, and help to leverage assistance to the key businesses advanced through this initiative.

The thousand-member Working Landscape Partnership, which the Coalition represents and leads, also supports a strong Current Use program that provides fair and predictable taxation for enterprise lands and continued conservation investments through VHCB especially for farm and for forest lands. These long term policies and investments are essential, but not sufficient, for the sustained growth of Vermont’s working lands economy. Click for the 2019 Legislative Platform (pdf).

Members of the Coalition include:

  • Jill Arace, Vermont Association of Conservation Districts
  • Charlie Baker, Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies
  • Will Belongia, Vermont Community Loan Fund
  • Paul Bruhn, Preservation Trust of Vermont
  • Megan Camp, Shelburne Farms
  • Paul Costello, Vermont Council on Rural Development
  • David Donath, Woodstock Foundation
  • Ellen Kahler, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund
  • Maddie Kempner, NOFA Vermont
  • Siobhan Smith, VT Land Trust
  • Joe Tisbert, Vermont Farm Bureau
  • Brian Shupe and Kate McCarthy, Vermont Natural Resources Council
  • Erin Lorentz, Vermont Wood Works Council
  • Kathleen Wanner, Vermont Woodlands Association
  • Sarah Waring, Center for an Agricultural Economy
  • Sara Wing, Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Contact the Vermont Working Lands Coalition through Paul Costello at the Vermont Council on Rural Development at 802-223‐5763, pcostello @