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Summit on the Future of Vermont’s Working Landscape Draws 300


The Vermont Statehouse was packed on December 10 as over 300 people gathered to celebrate Vermont’s working landscape and to offer their help in preserving it in the future. The Vermont Council of Rural Development (VCRD) convened the summit to introduce an action plan that includes the creation of a Working Landscape Partnership.

During 2008 and 2009, the VCRD-formed Council on the Future of Vermont interviewed and polled thousands of Vermonters on their values and priorities for the future of the state. According to the report, “Polls, interviews and stakeholder sessions with diverse groups of Vermonters all concurred that revitalizing the state’s working landscape was at the top of the priority list of state residents. In polling, over 97 percent of Vermonters endorsed the value of the working landscape as key to our future; this was higher than any other value expressed by the people of Vermont.”