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Art of Action ends in auction


For more than two years the Art of Action exhibit has toured Vermont. It's a collection of more than 100 pieces by Vermont artists. The artwork was inspired by the social, cultural and
political issues facing our state.

The exhibit has traveled to every county in Vermont. Saturday, over 30 pieces will be auctioned off at Union Station in Burlington. Almost 30 more pieces were donated to community
organizations around the state.

"The interesting thing about this project was that it came from a report by the Council on the future of Vermont," said Diane Scolaro of the Vermont Arts Council. "So this report was written and some people would read the report but a lot of people might not. So the idea of examining the issues through art gave people another way to think about the issues."

A live auction will be held Saturday evening. The Vermont Arts Council will also be accepting absentee bids through their website. Unlike most art auctions, there are no minimum bids.
Proceeds from the auction will be used for the commission of another exhibit.

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