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Gold Commentary: Vermont's future starts today


STEVEĀ GOLD COMMENTARY ~ Times are tough and news is bleak. One response is to bury our heads in today's details and sit on our hands in fear of tomorrow. While an appealing approach for some, inaction won't solve our current problems or bring us any closer to the Vermont we hope our children and grandchildren will live in.

I can say this with certainty, based on my recent position as a member of the Council on the Future of Vermont. This group of volunteers, representing a spectrum of ages, occupations, parts of the state, and political interests, spent 18 months listening to Vermonters' long-term hopes and dreams as well as their fears and challenges.

..."Imagining Vermont" captures the crucial priorities Vermonters should pursue to meet the future with confidence. If not addressed, the discrepancy between our vision for Vermont and the challenges we face can lead to the destruction of what we say we love most about the state. The council members are aware how easy it would be for Vermonters to put this report away, to be worked on "in better times." But, the truth is the things that we need to do to bring us out of the current recession are the same ones that will lead us to the future we hope for...