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“Internet Basics” Opens Online World

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Mary Kay Dreher, from e-Vermont partner Community College of Vermont, designed a workshop to help people get comfortable with introducing others to the online world.

In the workshop, it’s easy to see how the Internet is not beginner friendly. From ads that pop up when you don’t want them to the social media platforms that seem to change every day, there is a lot to be intimidated by. All participants get a chance at role playing an Internet Beginner and Internet Instructor. It doesn’t take long to imagine the online world through the eyes of someone confused about how to use a search engine or click through a webpage.

Here’s the skit she used to break the ice for the role playing exercises.

Dreher believes that with a little encouragement anyone can get comfortable online. “One thing that was so striking to me in all the research I did was the reality that adult learners are really goal oriented and self directed...” Dreher says, “...often [instructors] miss the mark on holding up that goal oriented approach.”

For more information on how you can help your neighbors, or yourself, learn more about the online world check out the e-Vermont Internet Basics toolkit.