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Poultney’s Downtown Welcomes Free Wi-fi

Poultney wi-fi(12/8/11) - Poultney’s new downtown wireless Internet zone is a big hit. By expanding public accessibility, this new tool offers a welcome option for residents and tourists to connect their laptops and smart phones 24/7. Early response to the project has been overwhelmingly positive, with almost 250 users logging onto Poultney Wi-Fi last month alone. Businesses see this growing interest and are already making plans to purchase laptops or work stations for customers to use.

“e-Vermont’s assistance in bringing laptops to the library dramatically increases our capacity to help people get online,” said Poultney Public Library Director Rebecca Cook. “At the same time, Poultney Wi-Fi is helping downtown visitors access the Internet regardless of library hours.”

Poultney is a rural town of about 3500 people but is home to Green Mountain College and boasts a lovely downtown core. Upon first logging into the free network, users are taken to, a site that highlights local events, weather, businesses, services, and community organizations. Inspired by Wireless Woodstock, Poultney Wi-Fi runs on Anaptyx wireless hardware which was purchased and installed by e-Vermont. The network can easily be expanded and Green Mountain College is exploring the possibility of extending the network from downtown to campus.

In this video, e-Vermont talks about this project with Rebecca Cook and Jaime Lee of the Poultney Public Library, Bob Williams of Williams True Value Hardware, and Paul Fonteyn of Green Mountain College.