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Kids, Classrooms and Computers with Digital Wish

Kids with PCs in the classroom(5/4/11) - Digital Wish is a nationally recognized leader in integrating technology into the classroom. As a partner organization in e-Vermont, they are bringing netbooks, IT support and teacher trainings to elementary schools around the state for 4th – 6th grades.

Digital Wish bases their programs on the concept of 1:1 computing - making sure that each child has a computer to use, in the classroom and at home, so that no learning is lost through limited access. Their work with e-Vermont includes lots of time spent in schools to help teachers learn the best practices for integrating technology into their lesson plans, provide equipment to selected classrooms, implement strategies to raise money for future equipment needs, provide tech support, and connect classrooms with the larger community.

Work is well under way in the First Round e-Vermont communities, with netbooks deployed in all of the classrooms. You can follow Digital Wish’s work through their excellent blog at: Over the next year, this website will provide news and sample materials and resources for interested schools.