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Bristol Family Gets Emergency Help Through Front Porch Forum

Bristol in Storme-Vermont partner Front Porch Forum provides towns and neighborhoods with a virtual town green and bulletin board. Once FPF is set up in a town, it opens unlimited possibilities to connect resources with those in need. Last winter, when the days were hovering around 5°F, some Vermonters faced hard times heating their homes. Bob from the Bristol Energy Committee posted on FPF...

A family in need is about out of wood. We have donors lined up. But are in need of a truck to pick up the wood and deliver it in Bristol. The need is today, so it would be great if some can let me borrow a truck or drive with me for a couple hours.

That evening, he posted again…

Even though the posting of my request for a truck very last minute – I did get responses. Thank you so much! It turns out we could not wait – so a car trunk load was delivered this morning – enough for a couple days for the family in need. We now have a truck lined up to deliver half a cord of wood on Wednesday evening, thanks to a very generous donor. More may be needed, but this amount should hold them for a few weeks. Thank you all for your generosity – neighbors helping neighbors – YOWZERS!!! Bristol rocks!