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Area towns to get digital boost


ARLINGTON/SUNDERLAND - The towns of Arlington and Sunderland have received grants from e-Vermont - a part of the Vermont Council on Rural Development - that will provide greater technical resources to the communities.

The grants will be responsible for a number of technological improvements, according to Gordon Woodrow, the chairman of the Sunderland School Board. Certain grades in Arlington - with the help of partner Digital Wish - will receive laptops for each of their students. The Martha Canfield Library - with the assitance of the Vermont Department of Libraries, another partner - will receive computer upgrades and e-services. The Burdett Commons is also expected to receive some upgrades and Woodrow said one idea is to outfit it as an elearning center for community members interested in learning about new online technology. Woodrow also said that Vermont State Colleges - another partner - would be providing students with assistance through direct seminars on how to use the Internet effectively.