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Community Stories

Communication and Consistency on the Rise
(Hardwick, VT) Sixth grade students at Hardwick Elementary classrooms are getting more connected with their teachers when it comes to organizing their homework and getting up to speed on classwork when absent. Through the e-Vermont initiative,... read more
Students Help Families Lead the Way for More Technology Funding at School
(Fairfield, VT) Educators, students, and their parents have all played a key role in the growing presence of computer and information technology at Fairfield Center School. Through the efforts of the e-Vermont initiative, Fairfield Center received a... read more
Jay and Westfield Share Resources to Build Digital Communities
Jay and Westfield, located in the state’s “Northeast Kingdom” near the Canadian border, share common north/south town borders, and depend heavily on natural resources such as farms, forests and mountains for economic development. Cooperative... read more
Students Teaching Parents
(Dover, VT) Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students at Dover Elementary got more than just a taste of technology this year with the help of Digital Wish and e-Vermont. Heading into this program, Digital Wish had high hopes that they would not only... read more
Students Taking Charge in the Classroom
(Bridgewater Village, VT) With the Digital Wish training wrapping up, teachers at Bridgewater Village Elementary School reminisced on their experiences this past year. Mercy Grinold, the third and fourth grade teacher, was impressed by the students... read more
New Opportunities with Technology Bolstered by Committed Instructional Support
(Calais, VT) When a school receives new technology, it can be an exciting opportunity to expand learning and help guide students in an increasingly connected 21st century world. Students at Calais Elementary have been able to do just that, by... read more
New Technology Initiates Connections For Teachers and Students
(Morristown, VT) The growing prevalence of broadband Internet access and cloud computing has made itself well known across classrooms at People's Academy Middle Level, where students have recently been using tech tools to complement their Maple Leaf... read more
Students Get Creative With Building on Ideas
(Jay, VT) Recently, students at Jay/Westfield Elementary have been able to flex their creative muscles with new technology in both artistic and utilitarian ways. Whether it is with informational brochures on career paths with Microsoft Publisher,... read more
Technology Ties into the Curriculum
(Addison, VT) Teachers at Addison Elementary School are using the tools Digital Wish provided them this past year to further enrich their curriculum. Students in grades 4-6 have been studying Newton’s Laws in the classroom, but were searching for a... read more
After-school Program Expansion
(Middletown Springs, VT) While e-Vermont and Digital Wish classroom training are winding down, the Kodu Game Lab after-school program is now in full swing at Middletown Springs Elementary (MSES). Thanks to a matching grant from Microsoft, Digital... read more
Online School Newsletter for Community Connection
(Moretown, VT) For most elementary schools, a school newsletter can be a fun way to give students experience in journalism, but rarely a method of disseminating information to the community. That is not the case for members of Moretown Elementary... read more
1:1 and Cloud-based Computing = Tools for Student Success
(Castleton, VT) At Castleton Elementary School, computers are being integrated into the daily routine of 5th grade students thanks to a 1:1 computing initiative brought together by the e-Vermont Community Broadband Project and Digital Wish. Since 45... read more
New Tech. Infrastructure Helps Teachers Improve Student Focus & Participation
(Richford, VT) One of the greatest challenges teachers face with their classrooms is making sure their students are staying on task and engaging with their lessons. When new technology is placed into the situation, one might think that it could... read more
Vermont Business Owners Adapt to Rapid Change
Although the digital age may seem in its infancy, many Vermont small business owners are learning that they have already had to update their online presence to adapt to the evolving expectations of modern customers. One such Vermont company that... read more
More Insights from Internet Interns
From late fall of 2011 to spring of 2012, the Vermont State Colleges placed student interns in public libraries to provide one-on-one assistance every week for patrons learning to use the Internet. Combining this service with new computer equipment... read more
Front Porch Forum Helps Calais Neighbors Connect
What if nearly every household in a small rural town were in daily communication with each other? What would change? e-Vermont partner Front Porch Forum provides towns and neighborhoods with a virtual town green and bulletin board. Once FPF is set... read more
Insights from Internet Interns
A lot of Internet learning begins at the local library, where there are computers and Internet connections to get patrons started on navigating the online world. In late 2011, the Vermont State Colleges teamed up with the Department of Libraries to... read more
Fairfield Fifth Grader Makes Most Out of Tech Tools
Noah Carpenter, 5th grader at Fairfield Center School, is making the most out of the new Netbooks he and his classmates received from e-Vermont partner Digital Wish. Fairfield students not only have this tremendous asset to help with their school... read more
Bridgewater Uses Social Media in Irene Recovery
For many Vermont communities, the terrible flooding in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene brought home both the importance of a strong community fabric and the value of having multiple channels for communication during a crisis. Bridgewater was one of... read more
Bristol Family Gets Emergency Help Through Front Porch Forum
e-Vermont partner Front Porch Forum provides towns and neighborhoods with a virtual town green and bulletin board. Once FPF is set up in a town, it opens unlimited possibilities to connect resources with those in need. Last winter, when the days... read more
5th Grader Helps Mom Sharpen Tech Skills
Through e-Vermont, students at Dover elementary are getting more than just a taste of technology – they’re becoming tech experts. Just ask Stefanie Nick, mother of Isabella Nick, a 5th grader taking part in Digital Wish’s 1:1 Computing School... read more
Community History Goes Online
The Russell Vermontiana Collection includes rare books, works by Vermont authors, historic documents, photographs and genealogies focused on Arlington and the neighboring towns of Sunderland and Sandgate (SAS). Dr. George A. Russell, a former... read more
“Internet Basics” Opens Online World
Mary Kay Dreher, from e-Vermont partner Community College of Vermont, designed a workshop to help people get comfortable with introducing others to the online world. In the workshop, it’s easy to see how the Internet is not beginner friendly. From... read more
Town Clerk Expands Online Services for Fairfield
Fairfield, Vermont is synonymous with maple sugaring and dairy farming, and was the birth place of the 21st president of the United States, Chester Arthur. This Franklin County town of 1900 residents does not live in the past, however. Their library... read more
Bristol Workshop Uncovers Free Things on the Internet
The Vermont State Colleges is an e-Vermont partner providing introductory Internet trainings across the state as well as online webinars. Jane Kearns is an instructor who presented several workshops in Bristol, one of the e-Vermont communities, in... read more
Fairfield’s New Library Partners with Online Farmers Market
In one busy month Fairfield opened a beautiful new library, launched a community newsletter, and unveiled an online farmers market. Fairfield is a town of 700 households in Franklin County, chock full of dairy farms, maple sugar producers and many... read more
Front Porch Forum Boosts Middlesex Business
(12/8/11) - e-Vermont partner Front Porch Forum provides towns and neighborhoods with a virtual town green and bulletin board. Residents who opt to sign in can easily post notes which get delivered to e-mailboxes throughout the community. Notices... read more
FPF Provides Moretown with Crucial Communication Link During and After Irene
(12/8/11) - The village center of Moretown sits along the usually friendly Mad River. But Tropical Storm Irene swelled it to a torrent, taking houses and bridges in its wake. Just prior to Irene, this e-Vermont community was slowly building... read more
Poultney’s Downtown Welcomes Free Wi-fi
(12/8/11) - Poultney’s new downtown wireless Internet zone is a big hit. By expanding public accessibility, this new tool offers a welcome option for residents and tourists to connect their laptops and smart phones 24/7. Early response to the... read more
Laptops Mean 1:1 Learning at Dover Elementary
(12-2-2011) - e-Vermont and partner Digital Wish are helping to expand the world of learning for every 4th, 5th, and 6th grader in this rural southern Vermont town. Each week a trainer from Digital Wish joins their teachers for lessons that... read more
Artists and Entrepreneurs Create New Community Portal
(12/1/2011) - A group of local artists and entrepreneurs have banded together to showcase their community - the town of Cambridge and its village center, Jeffersonville. Known as CAE or Cambridge Artists and Entrepreneurs this collection of business... read more
Small Business Center Filling Fast in Poultney
(10/10/11) - When longtime Poultney print shop owner Chuck Colvin decided to retire, he knew he didn’t want to call it quits. The lifelong businessman wanted to help other entrepreneurs realize their dreams. His vision led to the development of the... read more
Social Media Means Business for Accounting Start-Up
(10/10/11) - When the recession hit in 2008, Jennifer Partch Whitehurst of Poultney was among the tens of thousands of Americans who found themselves in the unfamiliar position of needing to find a new job. With a background in accounting and many... read more
Websites Help Farm Family Find Niche Markets
Roy and Jessica Steel at Waira Valley Farm in Cambridge, Vermont with son Destry and daughter Jade. The farm includes an organic bakery and farm store. (10/10/11) - When Vermont Small Business Development Center’s (VtSBDC) Broadband Business... read more
West Rutland Celebrates Year of Digital Achievements
(9/21/11) - The e-Vermont Community Broadband Project congratulates the West Rutland team for its completion of a successful year. Since being selected in spring 2010 as one of 12 inaugural e-Vermont communities, West Rutland has tapped cutting edge... read more
How Do You Read the Web?
(5/4/11) - The Vermont State Colleges (VSC) are offering a variety of tools to help residents of e-Vermont communities learn basic computer skills. This year, they are expanding their workshop on the basics to include sessions for a new audience -... read more
Gallery of Vermontiana Goes Online
(5/4/11) - We talk about the Internet as the communications tool of the future, but it is also a new tool for communicating about our past. The e-Vermont communities of Sunderland, Arlington, and Sandgate are creating online tools to share their... read more
Introducing Gallup Brook Fencing (and other great VT businesses)
(5/4/11) - The Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC) employs an e-Vermont business advisor to work one on one with businesses interested in improving their use of the Internet. One important first step is designing your business’ web... read more
Kids, Classrooms and Computers with Digital Wish
(5/4/11) - Digital Wish is a nationally recognized leader in integrating technology into the classroom. As a partner organization in e-Vermont, they are bringing netbooks, IT support and teacher trainings to elementary schools around the state for... read more