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Closing the Digital Divide: The iConnect Workshop

Guest post by Eric Sakai, Dean of Academic Technology at the Community College of Vermont

Basic computer skills have become a part of everyday life. More and more vital services, information, and communications have moved online–and while this transition has many benefits for people who are comfortable navigating the Internet, it can simply widen the digital divide for those who are not.

As businesses and organizations expand their use of online tools, the ability to help beginners with tasks like filling out an online form or navigating a website becomes an essential part of customer service. This ability can also help family members, friends, and neighbors to acquire the fundamental skills they need to cross the digital divide.

With support from the Vermont Council on Rural Development’s Digital Economy Project, the Community College of Vermont (CCV) is offering the iConnect workshop, a short training course in skills for working with Internet beginners. The content of this training can help anyone improve their ability to answer rudimentary computer questions and guide beginners in learning more about using the Internet.

iConnect helps participants:

  • Understand the basics of digital literacy;
  • Explain core Internet skills;
  • Walk beginners through specific online tasks;
  • Give beginners the resources they need for further learning.

Whether you help Internet beginners in your workplace, home, or community, this training will improve your ability to communicate effectively with them and provide the skills they need to become digitally independent. You can find more information, here.

The next iConnect workshop takes place on March 21, from 9am to 12pm, in Newport VT. To register for this free workshop, contact Christine Friese at


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