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Announcing the Summit, "Vermont Connected: Envisioning the Future of Vermont’s Digital Economy"

As the Vermont Digital Economy Project winds to a close, we are happy to announce that its end will only be the beginning of an ongoing conversation around technology, digital literacy, and the benefits that online tools can provide to a variety of stakeholders, from government officials to businesses and organizations.

To further this discussion, VCRD’s Vermont Digital Economy Project will be hosting a conference on September 23rd at the Montpelier State House, called “Vermont Connected: Envisioning the Future of Vermont’s Digital Economy.

The conference, which will be opened by Governor Peter Shumlin, will involve a variety of sessions. In the morning, speakers will share their ideas, experiences, and stories in short 10-minute increments. These talks will be followed by teaching workshops, where conference participants will have the opportunity to dive more deeply into a particular area of interest, and learn some hard and fast skills. The afternoon will focus on the future of Vermont’s digital economy, where conference attendees will formulate ideas for the future and craft policy suggestions.

The Vermont Connected conference will focus on four tracks: Educating for a Digital World, Building Effective Organizations, Creating Resilient Communities, and Steering Vermont’s Digital Future. There will be multiple sessions in each track.

VCRD is looking for folks who have compelling stories about how digital tools transformed a life, an organization, or a community and can tell this story in 10 minutes or less.

If you are somebody who has an inspirational story about your own experiences with digital tools or you know of somebody who has, please get in touch!

You can take a look at our four topical conference tracks and our eight subjects for our opening “Stories and Ideas” session below. If you have a story that fits into one of those categories, fill out this quick form. You can also contact us with any questions.

We are looking for 3 speakers for each of the eight sessions listed below:

  • Educating for a Digital World
    • K-12 Goes Digital:
      We are looking for educators who have used digital tools to transform learning.
    • Bridging the Divide:
      We are looking for folks who feel left behind by the digital divide, or for people who work to teach digital literacy to transform lives.
  • Building Effective Organizations
    • Nonprofit Problem Solvers:
      We are looking for nonprofits who have had success using digital tools to create reach, solicit donations or achieve other successes.
    • Business Digital Champions:
      We are looking for businesses, preferably small business, that have had success using digital tools for exponential growth, market acquisition, or significant efficiencies.
  • Creating Resilient Communities
    • Open Government:
      We are looking for people who can describe how open data has been used to help citizens and foster better governance.
    • Engaged Vermont Communities:
      We are looking for amazing stories of how technology brought a community together in times of need or enabled a community to respond in difficult times.
      We are also looking for municipal employees or citizens who have used digital tools to increase communication between local government and citizens.
  • Steering Vermont’s Digital Future
    • Why Vermont?
      We are looking for people from tech companies in Vermont to inspire us with how they thrive in Vermont and why they stay here.
    • Attracting Tech:
      We are looking for people who can describe potential strategies to encourage and grow tech businesses in Vermont.

We’ll share more details about the conference in the coming weeks!

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