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Apply for a Nonprofit Digital Advancement Mini Grant

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Update:  As of 6/12/2014, all funds allocated for mini-grants have been spent.

The Vermont Digital Economy Project is pleased to announce the availability of Nonprofit Digital Advancement Mini Grants to non profit community organizations based in or serving flood impacted towns. The grants can be used for the purchase of digital tools and web services, in order to improve capacity, become more disaster resilient, and/or other integrate online/digital tools into the operations of the organization.

Priority will be given to organizations providing essential community services that have a specific plan for the use of the funds. We want to know what you need to advance as an organization in terms of digital tools. We will then see if we can accomplish that within our mini-grant budget and with the assistance of volunteers and/or web vendors offering discounted rates. We are looking for high impact, low cost projects that will greatly improve the capacity of local organizations.

A typical grant will be for an item or service valued at a maximum of $500. The funds will be paid directly to the service provider or vendor. The grants cannot be paid directly to the organization.

To Apply: Fill out this short application form below.

Eligibility: To receive a grant, groups must have already participated in one-one-one digital advising through the VT Digital Economy Project or have already submitted an application for services, but have not had a one-on-one scheduled. New groups interested in being eligible for these small grants, should first apply for services by filling out the Nonprofit Digital Advising Needs Assessment/Application Form.

Examples Qualifying Digital Tools

  1. Website services - conversions to Wordpress, site redesigns, integration of digital tools in websites.
  2. Computer, Tablet, Audio, Visual Hardware.
  3. Software and Online Cloud Backup Services.
  4. Contract labor to assist in archiving, cloud backup, mapping.

Nonqualifying Digital Tools

  1. Monthly recurring charges for any service.
  2. Computer equipment or other hardware that exceeds the amount of the grant.
  3. Conference or training fees.
  4. Purchasing of ads or the paid promotion of posts.

Please note: The qualifying and non-qualifying lists are not exhaustive. If you have an idea, even if it is over $500, please share it with us.

All decisions are at the discretion of the Vermont Digital Economy Project. Please no phone calls

Please check the box next to every statement that is true. You must have participated in the Nonprofit Advising program in some manner to be eligible for a grant. Eligible Towns: Alburgh, Athens, Barnard, Bennington, Berlin, Bethel, Brattleboro, Bridgewater, Cabot, Castleton, Cavendish, Chester, Clarendon, Danby, Dover, Duxbury, East Montpelier, Granville, Halifax, Hancock, Jamaica, Johnson, Killington, Londonberry, Ludlow, Marlboro, Mendon, Middletown Springs, Moretown, Milton, Newfane, North Hero, Northfield, Pittsfield, Pittsford, Plymouth, Proctor, Randolph, Richmond, Rochester, Roxbury, Rutland, Saint Albans, Saint Johnsbury, Searsburg, Sharon, Shrewsbury, South Hero, South Royalton, Stockbridge, Stowe, Strattford, Stratton, Sunderland, Swanton, Waitsfield, Wallingford, Wardsboro, Warren, Waterbury, Wilmington, Wolcott, Woodford, Woodstock