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Nonprofit Advising

Nonprofit advising helped nonprofits in flood impacted communities who were looking to improve their use of online tools. This advising took place both in structured workshops and in the form of one-on-one consulting.

Topics addressed included:

  • Social Media
  • Google Apps
  • Online and Mobile Fundraising
  • Online Archiving
  • Website Management and Makeovers
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Community Engagement

Programs and Workshops

One on One Advising and Online Needs Assessment Survey
In order to properly address the specific needs of a non profit, we asked each non profit to complete an online needs self assessment. The goal of the survey was to help an organization think strategically about how it was using online tools, as well as to provide some background about the organization. While we are no longer providing advising services, you can find a digital needs assessment here, which can help your organization to better understand where it stands.

Essential Online Tools for Nonprofits
Vermont’s strength is a direct result of the strength of the community organizations that step up in time of need, or provide ongoing assistance to members of the community in need. These free events offered a chance for local nonprofits to get to know each other, share ideas, and learn about online tools that will assist them to better communicate their message, fundraise, and collaborate. Read More.

Social Media Surgery
A resilient organization has mastered a full range of communication tools. As an ever-increasing number of people move away from communicating by phone, snail mail, and even email, it is important for all types of nonprofits to master the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, for communicating with their members and the outside world. Through the Digital Economy Project, we offered free Netsquared “Social Media Surgery; results-oriented workshop near you. Read More.

Website Makeovers
If a client visits your office, you would want it to be clean, organized, easy to find, and informative. An organization's website should meet the same criteria. Through a series of workshops or one on one consultations, we lead a limited number of nonprofits through the process of determining website needs, gathering content, deploying the new site, and learning how to add and edit content themselves. The websites were built by volunteers with Code for BTV and be based on the Wordpress Content Management System.


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