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Digital Advising for Farm and Forest Businesses

Stories About Farm and Forest Businesses

Feeding More Vermonters Through Online Coordination
Vermont fruit and vegetable farmers produce hundreds of tons of edible, farm-fresh food, but often, not all of their production is sold. These leftover products are sometimes wasted, but through gleaning, they can be put to good use. Marcella... more
Rutland Area Food and Farm Link & VtSBDC Connect To Help Small Farms Increase their Web Marketing
by Nancy Shuttleworth, VtSBDC E-Commerce Business Advisor Rutland Area Food and Farm Link (RAFFL) is an enormous resource for Rutland County. The nonprofit organization offers workshops, answers farmers’ questions, and publishes a yearly Locally... more
Bridport Creamery Is Open for Business
by Nancy Shuttleworth, VtSBDC E-commerce Business Advisor Online tools may not be at the start of every new business, but once a business is up and running, the importance of having an online presence becomes clear. After two years of planning and... more
How We Can Help Farmers, at NOFA and Beyond
Digital tools have become essential to farmers. From Amanda Andrews at Tamarack Hollow Farm, who used to raising the necessary funds to move her farm off of a flood plain and is using Instagram to promote the farm, to Eric... more
How Farm and Forest Businesses Can Intersect with Technology
Author's Note: Since creating this flyer, Bruce Hennessey, of Maple Wind Farm, who is pictured in the flyer, has suffered the tragedy of one of his farm's barns burning to the ground. There is a fundraising event happening to raise money for his... more