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About the Vermont Digital Economy Project

Created by VCRD, with the goal of constructing more resilient communities after the 2011 floods, the Vermont Digital Economy Project was a continuation and expansion of the work performed by e-Vermont. This Project offered free support that helped speed flood recovery, spur economic development and job growth, and improve community resilience to disasters. The project delivered digital tools and services to towns across Vermont.

Expanding the use of online resources has benefits far beyond emergency management. Through these resources, downtown businesses, service providers, farmers, and the tourism industry will find opportunities to reach new audiences and markets. At the same time, the social fabric of our communities will get stronger as neighbors share local online conversations. Through this project, businesses improved their bottom line, while government and nonprofit organizations developed ways to deliver services more effectively. Rural Vermont communities have tremendous opportunities to develop as centers of cultural and economic creativity in the digital age. The Digital Economy Project supported this innovation and through its services to promotes the future vitality and prosperity of Vermont.

Project Services:

Strategic Consultations with Nonprofits: We helped nonprofits work to improve performance, use the cloud, build or market online delivery of services, and develop disaster preparedness systems. (Example)

One-to-One Assistance for Farm and Forest Businesses: A digital expert from the Vermont Small Business Development Center provided assistance specifically tailored to farm and forest operations looking to integrate online tools into daily operations. (Example)

Small Business Workshops and One-on-One Advising: In conjunction with the Vermont Small Business Development Center, we provided direct strategic advice - both in workshop form and on a one-on-one basis - for businesses on using the internet to improve preparedness, system redundancy, profitability, marketing and product development. (Example)

Free Public Wi-Fi Zones and Hotspots: We developed downtown Wi-Fi zones and Hotspots to expand access for residents and visitors. (Example)

Digital Literacy Training with Internet Interns: Our partners at both the Vermont State Colleges and the VT Department of Libraries supported digital literacy services at local libraries with Internet Interns. (Example

Town Websites: Working with the Snelling Center for Government, we expanded local communication by creating or upgrading town websites. (Example)

Front Porch Forum: We helped to use Front Porch Forum to build moderated, community-based, online forums and integrated community calendars for every town in the state. (Example)

Strategic Planning and Marketing: IBM provided qualified teams to advance key internet solutions to statewide challenges. (Example)

Digital Workforce Education: Microsoft delivered cutting-edge Microsoft Academies to provide free online digital workforce education through selected libraries and institutions. (Example)



VDEP Partners:

Vermont State CollegesThe Vermont Small Business Development CenterThe Vermont Department of LibrariesFront Porch ForumMicrosoftIBMthe Snelling Center for Government







Funding and support:

VDEP is funded by a grant from the federal Economic Development Administration, with substantial in-kind support from IBM, Microsoft and each of the partners.