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Heart of Vermont Productions Helps Strengthen Flood-Damaged Communities
Pictured left to right: Rob O’Neil, Co-Founder of Heart of Vermont Productions, Sharon Combes-Farr, Vermont Digital Economy Project Director, and Scott O’Neil, Co-Founder of Heart of Vermont Productions. (Photo by David J. Tepper.) Last August, at... more
How Towns Can Manage the New Open Meeting Law Changes
This article is written by Tess Gauthier, Project Manager at the Snelling Center for Government The Snelling Center for Government has created and redeveloped a total of 18 municipal websites through the Vermont Digital Economy Project. Recent... more
Celebrating a Year of Wi-Fi Zone Launches
Almost exactly one year ago, in June 2013, the Vermont Digital Economy Project launched its first Wi-Fi zone in South Royalton, VT. Now, in June 2014, we have a lot to show for the past year’s work. On Thursday, June 19, we launched our Wi-Fi zone... more
Waterbury To Launch New Wi-Fi Zone
WATERBURY, VT - On June 26th, at 7 pm, Waterbury, Vermont, will celebrate its new, free public downtown Wi-Fi zone, which was funded, developed, and implemented by the Vermont Digital Economy Project with additional funding from the Vermont... more
How a Community Garden Went From Online to On-the-Ground
Small organizations are at the heart of most communities, and they are often born directly in response to a community’s need. This relationship only deepens once these organizations are established. They depend on their community to help raise... more
5 Tips for Creating a Successful Municipal Website
This article was written with the help of Tess Gauthier, Project Manager at the Snelling Center for Government As part of the Vermont Digital Economy Project, our partners at the Snelling Center for Government have now successfully implemented new... more
Why It Takes a Community to Build a Wi-Fi Zone
  The most important part of creating a new downtown Wi-Fi zone is not the technology involved. Justin McCoart of Up and Running Computer Services, Kim Martin, Vice President of Cambridge Artists and Entrepreneurs, and Trustee of Village of... more
New Websites for 15 Vermont Towns
This article was written by Tess Gauthier, Project Coordinator at the Snelling Center for Government The Snelling Center for Government (SCG) is building local government capacity and better engaging citizens in local affairs throughout Vermont.... more
Should Vermont Towns Use Facebook? Two Towns' Approaches
Our project has highlighted the role and power of social media, especially Facebook, in assisting both nonprofit organizations and small businesses in expanding audience, getting donations, and increasing sales revenue. It has also touted the role... more
Manchester’s Education Task Force Goes Digital
Last year, VCRD completed a 6-month Community Visit in the southern Vermont town of Manchester. This process helped Manchester residents whittle 22 issues and ideas about how to focus community efforts to build a better Manchester by 2020 into... more
More Internet Access For Vermonters Across the State
Call it the polar vortex, an arctic blast, or just call it winter. Whatever its name, the recent spate of cold weather has been making a lot of headlines, and it’s made it tough to work on our Wi-Fi zone installations. When the temperatures are in... more
Battenkill Campground Rebounds After Irene
This article was written by Nancy Shuttleworth, E-Commerce Advisor at VtSBDC The Battenkill River is known as one of the best trout streams in the East, and visitors from far and near come to fish, swim, and camp with the river as their front yard... more
Nonprofits Use Mobile Credit Card App to Boost Donations
Director Georgia Brehm and Assistant Director Linda Tucker from the Black River Academy Museum use Square and a tablet to take mobile donations. As fewer people carry cash or even use check books, many nonprofits are scrambling to find new ways to... more
How the Vermont Digital Economy Project Has Made an Impact in One Vermont Town
On a chilly Thursday evening in late November, members of the new downtown development group called Wilmington Works, town officials, state representatives, and Wilmington business owners gathered at the town offices to celebrate the achievements... more
Vermont Clothing Company Stays Resilient with New Website
This article was written by Patrick Ripley, Director of e-Commerce at the Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC)   Rochester was one of many southern Vermont communities slammed by Hurricane Irene in late summer 2011. “The town of... more
Sustainable Logging Business Improves Its Operations With Digital Tools
This article was written by Patrick Ripley, Director of e-Commerce at VtSBDC Unlike many Vermont business owners, when Bethel logger Carl Russell emerged from the rains of hurricane Irene in late summer 2011, most of his inventory was left intact.... more
Town of Mendon Launches New Website with Help from Snelling Center
Citizens in the town of Mendon discuss what information they would like to see on a Municipal Website. Thanks to the Vermont Digital Economy Project and its partner, the Snelling Center, the Town of Mendon has a brand new municipal website, custom-... more
Guilford Community Visit Creates Discussion Among Residents
It was humbling to be part of the Vermont Council on Rural Development’s visiting team for the Guilford Community Visit on October 15th. The Town of Guilford is a community just south of Brattleboro, along Vermont’s southeastern border with... more
Cities & Towns Learn How Digital Tools Create Community Resilience, In Good Times and Bad
Killington Resort was near its peak foliage color when it hosted more than 400 people at the Vermont League of Cities & Towns Town Fair 2013 on October 3rd On October 3rd, I had the great pleasure of moderating an educational panel at the... more
Bethel Emergency Management Volunteers Leverage Neighbors and Technology
A goal of our grant is to assist towns, business and nonprofits in using technology to be more prepared in the case of another disaster. This effort includes encouraging communities to learn to communicate with their residents through social media... more
Wilmington Business Groups Get Post-Irene Boost
This article is written by Patrick Ripley, VtSBDC Director of e-Commerce Wilmington was one of many southern Vermont communities hit hardest by Hurricane Irene in the late summer of 2011. Its tight-knit business community has stuck together, and... more
“Social Media Surgeons” Work in Woodstock
On a Tuesday night, in the upstairs rooms of the Thompson Senior Center in Woodstock, Vermont, 17 members of nonprofit organizations from Woodstock, Killington, Plymouth, Chester, and other nearby towns gathered to meet with five “social media... more
With iPads and GIS, High School Students Map Needed Roadwork in Sharon
Paul Haskell, Chair of the Sharon Selectboard was a part of a group discussion on how to use digital mapping and crowd-sourcing tools to solve community problems convened by the Vermont Digital Economy Project. Stay tuned for additional stories of... more
Free Certificate Programs for Digital Skills Coming to CCV Rutland, Thanks to Microsoft
Offering highly accessible digital workforce education is a key part of the Vermont Digital Economy Project.  Project partner Microsoft is delivering the cutting-edge Microsoft IT Academy Program ® (ITA) to provide free online digital workforce... more
What a Wi-Fi Zone Means to One Vermont Town
Neal Fox, Bethel Business Association Chairman, speaks at Bethel Wi-Fi zone opening In a bright renovated Town Hall in Bethel Vermont, with sunlight flowing into the room from large windows lining two walls, locals gathered for an evening of... more
How a Woodstock Nonprofit Saved $1300 a Year Thanks to Digital Tools
The Ottauquechee Community Partnership (OCPVT) is a locally funded non-profit organization with a focus on connecting young people to the community, bringing community resources to schools and building positive relationships through youth-adult... more
Vermont Digital Economy Project Brings Free Wi-Fi to Downtown Bethel
BETHEL, VT - The town of Bethel, Vermont, will be celebrating the arrival of a free and public downtown Wi-Fi zone called “The Bethel Connection” at a launch event on Thursday, June 20th starting at 5pm, with speeches at 6pm at the Bethel Town Hall... more
Vermont Digital Economy Project Delivers Free Downtown Wi-Fi and Much More to Flood-Impacted Communities
Paul Costello, Executive Director of the Vermont Council on Rural Development, Speaks at Royalton’s Downtown Wi-Fi Launch. Also Onstage (left to right): Tricia Coates (Congressman Welch’s Office), Ted Brady (Senator Leahy’s Office), Ryan Egger (... more
Woodstock Area Nonprofits Join Together
At the Vermont Digital Economy Project, we know that a connected community is a resilient community. While we’ve been focusing on using digital tools to build networks within a community, it’s just as important for local nonprofits to recognize the... more
Royalton To Launch Free Wi-Fi Funded by the Vermont Digital Economy Project
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SOUTH ROYALTON, VT - After weeks of preparation, decision-making and community involvement, the town of Royalton will kick off its brand new free public Wi-Fi zone on the Royalton green on Thursday, June 13, at 3pm, in... more
Tech Community Helps Build Three Nonprofit Websites
Can a new rural rescue squad website promote public safety? How much more effective could a jobs bank be if the task of posting jobs were cut in half? How many additional people would a food shelf serve if they had a web presence? Thanks to the... more
Old and New Businesses May Help Each Other in Bethel
Digital tools can create an important advantage in running a business these days, and we're working in Bethel on a number of projects to help make these tools more reachable, including installing a free downtown Wi-Fi zone. But older means of... more