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How One Vermont Teacher Educates Girls (and Boys) for a Digital World
  Betsy Calhoun, a business applications teacher at Lake Region Union High School in Orleans, Vermont, will take part in our “K-12 Goes Digital” panel at the Vermont Connected Summit. It was tough getting ahold of teachers to take part in our... more
Meet Our Keynote Speaker: Julie Lenzer Kirk
We are extremely pleased that our Keynote Speaker is Julie Lenzer Kirk. At our summit, she’ll speak to us about “Infusing Innovation & an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Fuel Economic Growth.” “At EDA, we know the importance of a connectedness to... more
Learning to Show Love Through Computers
This post was written by Tracy Staples, the program's Internet Intern at the Brown Public Library in Northfield, VT. I began working as an Internet Intern this past January after hearing that the program sorely needed an intern at the Brown Public... more
Why It’s Important to Learn How to Teach Digital Skills
One of the most important services we are delivering is digital skills training. We’re doing that through both our Internet Intern program, a paid internship program that is now active in 24 Vermont libraries, and through our iConnect workshop, a... more
What the End of Support for Windows XP Means for an Organization
After twelve years of support and plenty of advanced notice, on April 8th of this year, Microsoft officially ended its service support for the Windows XP operating system. As a result, organizations that continue to use XP will be increasingly... more
IBM Experts Help Vermont 211 Structure New Website
  Part of the matching funds for our grant was graciously donated by IBM, which, through its Impact Grants program, allows expert consultants to conduct in-depth analysis and workshops with nonprofits on a number of important topics. In the past,... more
How One Library Is Building a Usable and Inclusive New Website
  Amy Grasmick, director of the Kimball Public Library, uses card-sorting to help create the navigation for the library’s new website. There is a term that developers refer to when building websites called usability. The basic premise involves... more
Manchester’s Education Task Force Goes Digital
Last year, VCRD completed a 6-month Community Visit in the southern Vermont town of Manchester. This process helped Manchester residents whittle 22 issues and ideas about how to focus community efforts to build a better Manchester by 2020 into... more
Who Does an Internet Intern Help?
This article was written by Christine Friese, Assistant State Librarian The Computers at Rutland Free Library get a lot of use, from people seeking Lauren's help to a troop of Boy Scouts! Lauren DuQuette is a digital literacy super hero. Most of... more
How One Library Patron Found New Ways to Communicate With Her Family
This article was written by Domenic Laurenzi, an Internet Intern who works at  the Dailey Memorial Library in Derby and the Goodrich Library in Newport. He is currently pursuing his associate degree in Applied Business Practices at CCV. When I... more
Vermont Clothing Company Stays Resilient with New Website
This article was written by Patrick Ripley, Director of e-Commerce at the Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC)   Rochester was one of many southern Vermont communities slammed by Hurricane Irene in late summer 2011. “The town of... more
Sustainable Logging Business Improves Its Operations With Digital Tools
This article was written by Patrick Ripley, Director of e-Commerce at VtSBDC Unlike many Vermont business owners, when Bethel logger Carl Russell emerged from the rains of hurricane Irene in late summer 2011, most of his inventory was left intact.... more
Internet Interns Fulfill A Need
This article was written by Donald de Voil, Internet Interns Coordinator at CCV In today's world, it can be impossible to apply for a job, fill out a government form, or complete other essential tasks, without some internet literacy. Sadly, too... more
Civility and Invitation
I was recently invited to participate in a panel on Civility for the National Endowment on the Humanities and the Vermont Bar Association, and it made me think of the challenges we see in rural towns in a different light. When the Vermont Council... more
What a Wi-Fi Zone Means to One Vermont Town
Neal Fox, Bethel Business Association Chairman, speaks at Bethel Wi-Fi zone opening In a bright renovated Town Hall in Bethel Vermont, with sunlight flowing into the room from large windows lining two walls, locals gathered for an evening of... more
How Wi-Fi Brings Townspeople Together
There are many aspects of working for the Digital Economy Project that are appealing: not only does the project have the resources to offer services and aid to communities across Vermont, but in the process of delivering these services, those of us... more
Waterbury Pub Owners Leverage Social Media to Grow Their Business
More than 20 years ago, Vermonters Jeffrey and Maryanne Larkin opened Arvad’s Grill & Pub in Waterbury. From the very beginning, they put high emphasis on featuring local products and serving their local community. “We strive to use local... more
Old and New Businesses May Help Each Other in Bethel
Digital tools can create an important advantage in running a business these days, and we're working in Bethel on a number of projects to help make these tools more reachable, including installing a free downtown Wi-Fi zone. But older means of... more
Internet Interns: Balancing life: theirs and others
By Mary McClements, Coordinator of Academic Services-Career Training Programs at CCV ‘Balance’ is a great buzz word these days, in my opinion, especially because I don’t have it often enough. We hear this message on the news, and we see it in... more
An App for Vermont Farmers, Created by Heather Darby
Our search for relevant workshop content for Vermont’s farm and forest sector led us straight to someone who may, at first, seem an unlikely Vermont digital economy pioneer. Heather Darby, Ph.D., has been teaching nutrient management at the... more