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Digital Literacy Stories

The Right Training for the Right Job
This article was written by Tanja Hinterstoisser (Champlain College) and Daniel Connolly (University of Denver), who presented on this topic at our Vermont Connected Summit. Technology is one of the greatest drivers of societal change—impacting... more
Internet Intern Program Highlights Growing Need for Digital Skills Education
The following article was submitted by Martha Reid, Vermont State Librarian. Marty will be moderating the morning panel on “Digital Literacy for a Thriving Economy” in the “Digital Divide” track of our Vermont Connected Summit on Tuesday, September... more
How One Vermont Supervisory Union is Integrating Digital Tools
  The Vermont Digital Economy Project has been very active in promoting digital skills-building through its Internet Intern program at 24 Vermont libraries and by making digital workforce training available to hundreds of Vermonters. Despite its... more
Learning to Show Love Through Computers
This post was written by Tracy Staples, the program's Internet Intern at the Brown Public Library in Northfield, VT. I began working as an Internet Intern this past January after hearing that the program sorely needed an intern at the Brown Public... more
Why It’s Important to Learn How to Teach Digital Skills
One of the most important services we are delivering is digital skills training. We’re doing that through both our Internet Intern program, a paid internship program that is now active in 24 Vermont libraries, and through our iConnect workshop, a... more
What Can We Learn from the UK’s Push for Digital Skill-Building?
The graphic above is used in the UK’s small business digital skills survey Vermont’s Digital Skills Roundtable was formed last year to discuss our readiness to fully utilize the power of the Internet not just at the basic level, but also at the... more
iConnect Workshops: Helping Internet Beginners Get Connected
by Eric Sakai, Community College of Vermont A couple of years ago, my then-85-year-old mother called me from California in a panic to tell me, “They took away my inbox!” Email was the one internet resource she had more or less figured out on her... more
Vermont Puts Spotlight on Need to Advance Digital Skills for Vermonters
Christine Friese, Vermont’s Assistant State Librarian, and Tess Gauthier of the Snelling Center for Government are members of the newly formed statewide Vermont Digital Skills Roundtable. Last December the Vermont Department of Libraries and the... more
Who Does an Internet Intern Help?
This article was written by Christine Friese, Assistant State Librarian The Computers at Rutland Free Library get a lot of use, from people seeking Lauren's help to a troop of Boy Scouts! Lauren DuQuette is a digital literacy super hero. Most of... more
How One Library Patron Found New Ways to Communicate With Her Family
This article was written by Domenic Laurenzi, an Internet Intern who works at  the Dailey Memorial Library in Derby and the Goodrich Library in Newport. He is currently pursuing his associate degree in Applied Business Practices at CCV. When I... more
Building Inclusion Through Digital Literacy
This year, we were excited to be a part of Tech Jam, a technology-focused job fair that also serves to showcase how well Vermont is succeeding at creating and adopting to new technologies, from being the home of companies such as and... more
Internet Interns Fulfill A Need
This article was written by Donald de Voil, Internet Interns Coordinator at CCV In today's world, it can be impossible to apply for a job, fill out a government form, or complete other essential tasks, without some internet literacy. Sadly, too... more
Internet Internship: How the program helped change one intern's life
By Mary McClements, Coordinator of Academic Services-Career Training Programs at CCV Blake dropped out of school when he was sixteen and, for several years, tried to make a living on minimum wage which he just wasn’t able to do. He tried to start... more
Flood-Impacted Community Libraries Should Apply for Their Very Own Internet Intern!
This article was written by Christine Friese, Assistant State Librarian. To apply for an Internet Intern for your Library, fill out the form here. Access to high speed broadband and free computers has long been a known barrier to digital literacy... more
Building Digital Inclusion into a Hackathon
This past weekend was the National Day of Civic Hacking. While for many of us, hacking brings up ominous images of security systems being overridden and important data being stolen, a hackathon is quite the opposite. During a hackathon, a number... more
Internet Interns: Balancing life: theirs and others
By Mary McClements, Coordinator of Academic Services-Career Training Programs at CCV ‘Balance’ is a great buzz word these days, in my opinion, especially because I don’t have it often enough. We hear this message on the news, and we see it in... more
Closing the Digital Divide: The iConnect Workshop
Guest post by Eric Sakai, Dean of Academic Technology at the Community College of Vermont Basic computer skills have become a part of everyday life. More and more vital services, information, and communications have moved online–and while this... more
Internet Interns: How to Help Bridge the Digital Divide
guest post by Christine Friese, Assistant State Librarian Vermont Department of Libraries is pleased to be partnering again with VCRD and others in the Vermont Digital Economy Project. The Department will work with participating libraries in the... more