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Halifax gets a wifi spot


By CHRIS MAYS / Reformer Staff

HALIFAX -- There will be wireless Internet access after a wifi hotspot was set up at the Halifax Town Garage located at 2044 Branch Road last week.

"It's in place now," said Halifax Selectboard member Edee Edwards. "We're going to have some signs ordered and some area roped off for people to park their vehicles where they can get the signal."

The hotspot was part of a Vermont Digital Economy Project grant providing services rather than funding. The wifi is free and open to the public.

Previously, there was no access to high speed Internet in that area of town.

The first time a wifi hotspot was proposed by Digital Economy Project representatives, the school was considered the best location for it. Later, the Town Garage was deemed the better one.

On Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., the Halifax Broadband Committee will be discussing ways it can possibly assist people who want to use the new wifi service as well as promote the new feature.

"We're hoping to come up with some roll-out strategies," said Edwards. "We want to see if anyone has any questions about making the connection."

Although it is a standard wifi connection, logging in can be difficult for those unfamiliar with the process. The committee will likely look for members to volunteer to assist others who are having problems getting onto the wifi.

"Sometimes, it's the high tech, high touch thing," added Edwards.

The committee also will discuss expanding cellular service -- another long-term project in the pipeline -- as well as its newest charge: Economic development. The committee will continue its efforts in broadband expansion within town.

VTel's proposed site for construction of a broadband facility on Jacksonville Stage Road is still under review. There were historical and environmental aspects that needed to be assessed before moving forward. A total of 76 residents had signed their names on a paper in support of that project.

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