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Residents brainstorm for a new economy


The public has spoken on the future of the city's creative economy.

It will include a clearly-defined identity for Rutland and a railroad or children's museum, the result of a vote by about 100 locals Wednesday night after a three-hour public forum held at Rutland's Paramount Theatre.

The Rutland Creative Economy's first large-scale forum since 2006 was meant to recruit new volunteers for community projects, ranging from creating artistic bike racks to reconstructing Center Street Alley.

It was also a call for direction.

"This is about what's next for our community and how we proceed," said Tara Kelly, executive director of the Rutland Area Farm & Food Link and the head of the Creative Economy's project steering committee.

A flurry of ideas emerged from the crowd of elected city leaders, state representatives and avid volunteers, who began brainstorming by watching a trailer of a movie being made about what can happen when Rutland-area residents come together.