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Farmers' Market approved for Adams Park


MANCHESTER - The Select Board unanimously approved the relocation of the Farmer's Market from the parks and recreation department to Adam's Park - the triangular park along Route 7A - on Tuesday.

"I was pleasantly surprised," said manager of the Farmer's Market Nicole Henry following the board's decision. "It was not a sure thing [going] into it."

The approval marks the culmination of approximately year long discussions between Manchester Town Manager John O'Keefe, planning director and zoning administrator Lee Krohn and Henry.

..."When the town worked with the Vermont Council on Rural Development and worked through the Creative Economy project there were three key elements that this community decided we wanted to work on," said Krohn. "The third one spoke specifically to local food initiatives. So in my mind again, the Farmer's Market is a wonderful way to help build on that momentum, help good things happen in the heart of the downtown and help bring the downtown back as place that everyone can enjoy, especially the residents."...