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St. Johnsbury Dedicates Task Forces to Priority Challenges; Resource Meeting June 4th

Through the Community Visit process St. Johnsbury community members have decided to build new initiatives to:

  • Improve Community Communications and Promote a Positive Town Image
  • Develop a Warming Shelter in St. Johnsbury
  • Redevelop the St. Johnsbury Riverfront
  • Improve Housing in Downtown St. Johnsbury
  • Redevelop and Revitalize Downtown Buildings

On June 4th, some of Vermont's top experts in those areas will visit the town and work with citizens to set up action plans to make all these goals possible.

The meeting, scheduled for Thursday June 4th from 6:30 to 9:00pm is the next step in the Vermont Council on Rural Development’s (VCRD) Community Visit to St. Johnsbury that began with public forums in April. At the second meeting on May 12th, close to 150 residents whittled down a number of opportunities for the community into the five task force action areas listed above.

The June 4th “Resource Meeting represents the third phase in the program, when action plans are developed. On June 4th, VCRD will bring a new team of facilitators to work with each Task Force. So far, the members of that team include: Lucy Leriche (VT Agency of Commerce and Community Development), David Raphael (Landworks), Jen Hollar (VT Department of Housing and Community Development), and other key Vermont community and economic development leaders

Mike Welch, the St. Johnsbury Community Visit Chair says, "The VCRD Community Visit process has gotten a lot of people involved in establishing priorities for improvements in our community. We encourage you to get involved by attending the Resource Day event. The people of St. Johnsbury are the most valuable resource available to determine the action steps required to turn community priority statements into reality."

VCRD's Community and Policy Senior Associate, Jenna Whitson, said “The resource meeting will be an opportunity for each new task force to work with a leading Vermont expert within community priority areas to build a concrete list of action steps and identify both human and financial resources available to support those efforts.” 

All St. Johnsbury community members are invited to the meeting on June 4th; you don’t need to have come to earlier sessions or to have signed up in advance. Community members can sign on to one of the Task Force groups in advance by calling 802-225-6091 or emailing; or come to the meeting on the 4th and join a group then. Please mark your calendars with the date: St. Johnsbury Resource Meeting, June 4th, from 6:30 to 9:00pm, at the Father Lively Center at 506 Summer Street; please come and put yourself on the line to address St. Johnsbury’s most important challenges!