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Manchester explores its future


MANCHESTER -- On the one hand, challenges - youth emigration; lack of nightlife; a need for more regional transportation; more integrated communication. On the other hand, opportunities - beautiful natural scenery; a vibrant arts and cultural scene; strong local schools, a long-lasting second homeowner base.

A task force of more than 30 high-profiled "movers and shakers" swept into town on March 11 to conduct a "Community Visit," organized by the Vermont Council on Rural Development. The council has staged more than 40 of these visits before, including a recent one in Bennington, said Paul Costello, the council's executive director.

"We're here to support the future of Manchester," he said in the course of introductory remarks at a community dinner held at Burr and Burton Academy Monday evening.

"It's a huge party for the town; a huge celebration."...READ MORE

Article by Andrew McKeever, The Manchester Journal