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After a busy couple of years, what's next for Manchester?


Manchester Journal, 01/23/13 ~ One Roundabout. Check. A Park House. Check. New Visitor's Center. New streetlights, refurbished Adams Park, plus a new parking lot for a historic district. Town wifi - at least for a downtown sliver. Check, check check and check.

A lot has happened in Manchester over the past two or three years and more may be in store. Ground may be broken for a new library later this year. Hunter Park, the home of the Riley Rink and several playing fields and fairgrounds, is hoping a recently announced capital campaign will finance a few more playing fields, of the kind that attract multi-school tournaments and the dollars pumped into the local economy such events bring. Another study on reviewing the Depot Street corridor to make it more of a pedestrian-friendly avenue and less of a high-speed boulevard is under consideration. All the activity hasn't gone unnoticed, and is in part at least serving to help prompt the Vermont Council on Rural Development into staging one of its occasional "Community Visits" next month. These visits are a device to help communities who feel themselves to be at a point of readiness to discuss future directions, needs and opportunities, and plot a course towards getting there, said Paul Costello, the council's executive director.

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