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Fairfield resident posts on FPF about positive outcome of VCRD's Community Visit process


Here's a recent post on Fairfield's Front Porch Forum. A nice mention of VCRD's recent Community Visit process there and some of the progress made in the communications priority:

Hi Fairfield!

As someone in town (maybe one of a small few) who has no opinion whatsoever on the ATV issue being discussed, I have to jump in..... ...and say that I think the discourse and dialogue was wonderful, and has been a great example of how to best use this website in our community. Hopefully the conversation continues, or even sprouts into other ones!

When we had our VCRD visits, one of the major pieces we have been working on is communication. We have a great group of volunteers working on different pieces around getting information out, updating the town website, Front Porch Forum, and most notably the new and monthly newsletter, Our Town. Front Porch Forum is a great way to have dialogue with your neighbors while KEEPING IT LOCAL, as it is only open to Fairfielders.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here on Front Porch Forum. What other conversations might be around the corner?

-Barry F.