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A good start with forums: Now, let's build on that


Bennington residents turned out in impressive numbers Thursday afternoon and evening for nine community forums to offer suggestions and comments on broad topics for possible initiatives that would benefit the town. Those residents and others, and the observers brought to town by the Vermont Council on Rural Development as part of this community-building program, displayed a high level of enthusiasm and willingness to work together on specific goals. Those proposals will be further defined after a report from the council on the forums and a town meeting style session in mid-April. After that, it will be up to teams of volunteers and those state officials and others lined up by the council to bring projects and proposals to fruition. This is a proven process that numerous other Vermont towns have gone through with positive and lasting results -- including Pownal and Rutland. The same should hold true in Bennington, especially if enthusiasm remains strong. Click HERE to read the full article...